What are the site aims?

To provide a network for those facing change due to the end of Op Banner and as many move on to new horizons.  A source of information that may be hard to find and a way to stay in touch.  This will be maintained as long as it is filling a need.  Once formal sites for aftercare and associations exist we will then focus more on creating an archive of Operation Banner data such as deaths, military bases and historical news. We do not aim to replicate sites such as welfare and veterans eg NIVA, rather complement them with as little duplication as possible. 

Who runs this site?

Serving and ex members of the sy forces who have served in N Ireland.

What about security?

Don't post anything here about yourself or the MoD/Police etc that is not in the public domain. If you join the forums access and passwords are encrypted  (not even admin can read them) and you can choose how much or little of your profile to share with others. We will not share your hidden data with anyone else and only use it to mange your user account.

Do you accept advertisements? 

No this is a non profit,  benevolent project.  We are here to benefit others.  We may however create web pages and features for any company/organisation who has something relevant to offer members.  Just ask. 

Can I get involved?

Depends on what you have to offer and your skills.  If you have something to contribute tell us a little about it and we will let you know eg military history, research, feature writers, photographs, web skills etc. Even if it is a personal story about experiences it is of value as minds begin to fade......  

Publishers of related books are encouraged to place excerpts here that can increase sales/exposure while providing relevant content to our users.

How do I contact you?

Contact us via the forums either as a guest post or register and send a private message (PM)

I like this site can you help me set up my website?

We have excellent in house web skills from basic design to advanced dynamic database driven content management systems (CMS) you can update yourself.  SQL, CSS, XST, XML, XHTML, AJAX/SPRY,  .net etc knowledge available. Even though it is not our  core aim we would be happy to "share the love" and help or advice, especially ex members.